The Sportsmen of the Empire State Inc. is a conservation based hunting and fishing club that was founded in 1953 by a small group hunters wishing to preserve the sport they enjoyed. From its humble beginnings, the club and its members have been a close knit group, typically a Father - Son organization but, over the last 20 years has opened its membership roles to those other than family. The family traditions and closeness of its members continues however. We pride ourselves in maintaining positive relationships with our neighbors and those land owners we lease property from.

For over 50 years, we have hunted the same property owned by a dairy farming family in the Greene -Delaware County area. Recently, the club secured leased property nearby in Halcott Center that borders Catskill Park. The organization wholly owns a 3 story home in Fleischmann's bordering multiple access points to state land and some private land.

Once accepted, each member has unlimited use of the house during the periods that the house is opened, usually April 15 to the close of Big Game season (mid December.) Each member has a room and bunk assigned to him and has full access to the house kitchen and utilities. Each member is required to attend at least 2 work parties each year (usually in the spring and early summer. He will be assigned a task and is expected to complete them.

During the hunting seasons, each member is expected to do his share of cleanup work (trash removal, stack firewood, etc) The key to our success has been team work. We make every attempt to make the house comfortable and clean, but that can only be achieved by everyone chipping in and doing their part.

Annual dues are nominal, but small in comparison to what one would pay for a 1 or 2 weekends in a hotel and meals. If you like more information about our club, please feel free to contact the Vice President at

Thanks Very Much